What's on my mind today

 April 26, 2018

Welcome to my world of rug punching. It is exciting for me to have this site up and running so that I can share the joy of creating punched rugs, pillows and other wonderful items that our imagination can dream up. 

This has been a busy spring for me as I have been punching items for sale, spending time and making new friends with the Kingfisher Rug Hooking group and creating my web site. Although busy I am enjoying it all.

During the next couple of weeks I will be designing new patterns and experimenting with new colours in the dye pot. So check back often to see what is  happening in my world of needle punching.

 April 29, 2018

Well I took a big step yesterday and ordered the building for my outside studio. I am looking forward to creating my punch work out there and enjoying nature at the same time. It will bring me a little closer to the pheasants and deer that travel through our yard all year. I will post pics when the building arrives and we will have a little celebration with cupcakes and Canada Dry Gingerale. After all it is the champagne of gingerales. Lol!

It was another busy Monday morning of punch hooking and traditional hooking with the Kingfisher hooking group. Mary Anne has almost completed her project Fowl Mood by Gene Shepard. Love those colours!



John is finishing his binding on his first hooked project and has already designed a new one for next week. Way to go John!

Ewe can Touch the Moon

 May 1, 2018

Well it was raining again today so no garden work for me. It did mean though that there was more punching time. That lead to the completion of "Ewe can Touch the Moon". This began with speckled sheep in yellow, pink and lavender but the piece did not seem to flow. So away went the speckles and in came the wooly white. Now I am loving it. Sometimes you have to listen to your inner critic and make changes. 

Working on a new one now so check back for updates. I will give a hint. It is a "frosty" looking piece.

 May 2, 2018

Well work has begun on my new project. I know you are all saying "What?". Spring finally arrived and you are working a winter scene. I guess the only thing I can say is you have to go with what is in your imagation at the time. These little frosties were causing a flurry in my mind so I just had to create them. Please visit again and see how these little snowmen are coming to life through my punch needle.

 May 6, 2018

Progress on my snowman project. Still have not settled on a title but that will come. Spring cleaning and garden work are taking time away from my punching. Wish I could just snap my fingers or twitch my nose and have all the house work done. If only! Lol!


May 6, 2018

I just love this picture and the story behind it. A beginner puncher decided that you wanted to punch a picture that her mother had drawn when she was in grade school. What a fabulous idea and what a heart warming way to remember her Mom. As I selected the colours I wondered what she had been thinking or dreaming of as she selected colours and completed her wonderful piece of art. I am so looking forward to seeing this project completed. It will certainly be a keep sake. 


Kit prepared for the sail boat. So excited to see it come to life.


May 7,2018

I hope everyone's week got off to a great start this Monday. I had a grand start to mine with a wonderful punching workshop at Rug School taught by Marilyn. It was so nice to sit and learn with other punchers. The enthusiasm for this great form of mat making filled the room. There was a room full of budding punchers with amazing talent. It made my heart happy to share this day with like minded people. I expect the rest of the week to be as full filling.


May 9, 2018

Well excitement reigned today as my out door studio was delivered. Excellent service from Old Hickory Sheds and their driver Garfield.

Now the fun begins as I hit the flea markets and yard sales for vintage furniture and accessories. Looking forward to summer days spent here creating and punching.

Vintage baker's table


May 13, 2018

Another sunny and exciting day today. I applied 3 coats of sealer to my studio floor and I am pleased with how it looks. The excitement came in the form of a wonderful red enamel topped baker's table that my daughter's gave to me for mother' day. It is a perfect fit for my outdoor studio. Things are coming together quite nicely.


May 16, 2018

I am hoping that the warm weather has begun where you live and you are all able to enjoy it. I am busy this week decorating my outdoor studio and organizing things out there. Not much to talk about on the punching side of things as other aspects of life got in the way this last week and a half.  It is on my agenda though to work a little on my snowing snowmen tonight. Have a couple of other patterns ready to go on fabric as well. Will share those at a later date.